I'm all about the easiest way to clean up after the holidays! It takes so much time to put all the decorations up and make sure the tree looks "just so".

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But by the end of the holiday season, I want that stuff packed up in as little time as possible, so I can move on with life, and make room for all the other stuff that I've shoved into the back closet to make room for the decorations.

Lush christmas tree with colorful ornaments

A few years back I came across a Facebook meme of a saran-wrapped tree that just said "Done." and the lightbulb went off! I opted for a fake tree recently, until my kids are older and don't make such a giant mess with the needles, so I could totally get away with plastic wrapping that puppy and putting it in the basement.

I figured not only would it be an easy take-down, but one less time-consuming thing to do during the next holiday season because it would be exactly as I left it, decorations and all when I unwrapped it the next year.

And so another holiday tradition in my house was created.

We wrap that tree and we're proud of it. Give it a try...and you'll thank me later!

Cori's Saran Wrapped Tree
Cori's Saran Wrapped Tree

If you have a real tree, and you're in the Bangor area, we put an article up earlier (details here) on where to toss that sucker when the time comes, too.

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