Duncan Robinson, the talented sharpshooter from the Miami Heat, found himself the subject of a hilarious TikTok video recently. The popular account @tedzhar, known for their lighthearted interviews with celebrities and New Yorkers, stumbled upon Robinson during one of their entertaining encounters.

@tedzhar, renowned for asking people about their professions, approached Robinson with their signature question, "What do you do for a living?" Caught off guard, the Miami Heat player hesitated for a moment, only to be swiftly rescued by a member of his entourage who jokingly responded, "accountant." Without missing a beat, Robinson embraced the humorous suggestion and ran with it.

While @tedzhar appreciated the playful banter, they couldn't help but acknowledge the irony of a towering 6'7" professional athlete fitting the mold of a typical accountant. 

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When pressed further about his income, Robinson humorously declared that he earns $100,000, a figure that pales in comparison to his actual earnings of over $18,000,000 this year alone. Robinson's financial prowess lies in making three-pointers rather than crunching numbers.

Hailing from York, Maine, Duncan Robinson’s remarkable shooting abilities and affable personality have endeared him to basketball enthusiasts far and wide. For those eager to learn more, a comprehensive profile on Robinson can be found here.

As the NBA offseason unfolds, it's heartwarming to see athletes like Duncan Robinson engaging in lighthearted moments like this. This entertaining TikTok encounter only serves to strengthen Robinson's reputation as both a skilled player and a good-humored individual.

As we eagerly anticipate the beginning of the upcoming NBA season, let's remain hopeful for more delightful interactions such as this, which continue to bring joy to us both on and off the court.

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