A man who passed out in the lobby of a hotel, with a backpack full of drug paraphernalia, is charged with trafficking.

27-year-old Brandon Dearborn of Oxford was arrested on February 14th, at the Hampton Inn in Oxford after passing out in the lobby. Police told the Sun Journal that Dearborn had been under investigation since they received reports of someone selling drugs to hotel guests. Responding officers said he was sleeping when they arrived, was hard to wake up, and fell asleep again while they were questioning him. When they were able to talk to him, Dearborn told the officers that he was waiting for a ride and admitted to having a gun in his backpack.

A search of the backpack revealed drug paraphernalia in plain view, including bits of pot-scrubbing pads that are often used as a filter to smoke crack, a large amount of cash, a scale, butane canisters, a spoon with crack cocaine residue, a bag of white powder suspected of being a cutting agent, and rolled-up dollar bills. The handgun was in a holster in the pack, and police say had a loaded magazine inserted but no round in the chamber. A notepad was found on the floor by Dearborn's feet that had a list of names, with money amounts next to each one. The officer patted the suspect down and found large rolls of cash in his pockets and a suboxone strip in his wallet. In all, police seized $3,688 in cash.

Dearborn is charged with unlawful trafficking of scheduled drugs, unlawful possession of scheduled drugs, and criminal forfeiture. He was released from the Oxford County Jail on his own recognizance, with a supervised release agreement that prohibits him from possessing or using illegal drugs, possessing firearms, and entering the Hampton Inn.

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