Some of Maine's roadways are flooding and so Maine DOT officials are urging drivers to pay attention to warning signs and turn around, rather than driving through standing water.

Residents of Milford found their morning commute challenging yesterday morning when the Greenfield and Call Roads flooded. Several drivers were spotted ignoring the 'Road Closed' signs and driving through the standing water.

But the Maine Department of Transportation advises always following the signs and never driving through the water. The problem is that you usually can't see through the water, and so you have no idea what damage might have been done to the roadway. There could be rocks or debris that have been deposited there by the running water. Or, even worse, a portion of the road may have washed out completely, breaking and moving the pavement. Worst case scenario, if the pavement's washed out, the water may be much deeper than expected.

It's an inconvenience, for sure, to be forced to turn around and navigate around a flooded road. But it's an even bigger inconvenience to do damage to your vehicle because you drove into a dangerous situation.

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