A woman who had been in court earlier on a Habitual Offender case, now faces new charges, including drug possession, after being stopped by police.

State Police pulled over a vehicle driven by 41-year-old Lilly Sprague of Naples on the evening of April 5th, while it traveled on Route 202 in Lebanon, near the Rochester border. Sprague was originally stopped for not wearing her seatbelt, but a brief investigation revealed that her license was revoked, that she was a habitual offender, and was on bail for a previous Operating After Revocation charge.

During the investigation, police say Sprague admitted she had been in court earlier in the day to answer for the previous charge. While she was being taken into custody, a small baggie of suspected Crystal Methamphetamine was found in her pants pocket.

Sprague was taken to the York County Jail, where she was held without bail on the charge of Operating After Revocation. She will be indicted on the charges of Unlawful Possession of a Schedule W Drug and Violation of Conditions of Release.

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