Saturday is National Drink Wine Day, held each year on February 18th. Not to be confused with National Wine Day which is observed on May 25th each year.

So this one is for those that like to drink their wine, and not just salute its existence.

What to do on the day? Not too difficult to figure out.

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Drink wine.

Photo by Kevin Kelly on Unsplash
Photo by Kevin Kelly on Unsplash

The weekend is expected to be a nice February weekend when it comes to weather, so maybe round up another couple and make it a road trip exploring wines in Maine.

Unwind with a sample or two of wine which has been a staple in culture seemingly forever.

But where to go?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here is Yelp’s list of Ten Wineries located near Bangor Maine with some comments left on Yelp’s review pages for you to help narrow it down on who to visit for National Drink Wine Day Saturday.

Or go on a sunny summer Saturday for National Wine Day.

10 Maine Wineries Near Bangor

To observe National Wine Drinking Day, here are 10 Maine Wineries near Bangor, with Yelp reviews.

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