Whether it's flowers, vegetables, or trees, Mainers are encouraged to exercise their green thumbs during 'Plant Something Weekend.'

Jim and I have been doing a lot of planting this spring. I have several outdoor containers full of flowers, and a new 'double knock-out' rose bush that's gracing the edge of our yard. In addition, my dogwood tree is sprouting lots of leaves and I have more daylilies than ever before, circling the tree in our yard. As for my hubby, he's doing some veggie gardening, with squash, cucumbers, watermelons and more, all growing out behind our house.

We love tending to our plants, and enjoying the way they dress up the yard. There's a real feeling of accomplishment when the flowers and vegetables thrive. And it just makes you smile to see those beautiful blooms greet you every day, when you get home.

This is the feeling behind 'Plant Something Weekend,' sponsored by Plant Something Maine. This non-profit organization promotes improving people's quality of life through horticulture. The group supports the small business owners in the state, including garden centers, landscape companies, grounds maintenance workers, and others who work to beautify the state. Organized by the Maine Landscape and Nursery Association, the weekend encourages families to get planting to improve their health, their home, and their community.

It's a good day when I find myself strolling through a garden center or nursery, and many of these businesses will be offering big discounts this weekend, in celebration of 'Plant Something Weekend.' As their motto says, 'Don't just stand there....plant something!

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