You may have seen a play in a theater, you may have even seen Dracula before, but have you seen it in a large granite fort?!

The Ten Bucks Theater will present DRACULA, adapted by Steven Dietz from Bram Stoker's classic novel. The play is being directed by Benjamin Layman at historic Fort Knox in Prospect.

Photo Amanda McDonald

In a press release issued by Ten Bucks Theater the production was described as

A tale of seduction and horror, taking place in 1897, between London and Transylvania. We follow our heroes as they attempt to save society, and themselves, from the damned Count Dracula. Witness as the pure are taken over by vampire urges, in a fight for the very souls of the citizens of London.” Ten Bucks Theater also wants to advise that stage violence/ faux blood and fire will be part of the theatrical production.

The show will run for eight nights all beginning at 7PM. The shows will be August 6th-9th and August 13th-16th. Tickets may be bought the evening of the performance or in advance by calling the Friends of Fort Knox gift shop at 469-6553.

Attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets to place on the Fort parade ground for the show.

The cast is as follows:

Mina Murray: Melissa Burkhart
Lucy Westenra: Jordan Madeline Lablond
Dr. Abraham Van Helsing: Julie Arnold Lisnet
Dr. Jack Seward: Jesse McCormick
Jonathan Harker: Patrick Malloy
Renfield: Padraic Harrison
Dracula: Matthew McEntee
Old Dracula: John Danico
Asylum Attendant 1: Moira Beale
Asylum Attendant 2: Brogan Kelley
The Maid: Jenny Hancock
The Vixens: The Haus of Paradigm

Ensemble: Natalie Lisnet, Mark Bilyk, Jennifer Snow, Deanna Rice, Katrina Dresser, Alex Kearns, Tracy Kimball Green, Cassandra Palmer