The Maine woods can be unexpectedly odd sometimes.

How many times have you been walking in the woods, maybe even behind your own house, and found something just completely unexpected? I remember when I was growing up, we used to wander about in the woods behind our school, and one day we found an old beat-up truck. Had to be from the '40s.

It made no sense for it to be where it was. It either died there and no one came back to get it, or someone dragged it out there to make it go away mafia style. Either way, a bit strange. I've seen all manner of photos on social media as well, showing the weird things they've found.

Sometimes the weird things are still alive, but being killed slowly.

If you go to the Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust in Orland, you'll find the most charming little trees. They almost look like mini trees with a wig on top. There are no other branches, just a little tuft on top. But when you start reading the signs explaining what's going on, you realize all these trees are dying, hahaha.

Photo KStew
Photo KStew

As you can see in the photo, these trees have all been cropped to help control diseased beech trees. Killing the diseased trees in this manner eliminates the need to use any pesticides, and makes room for healthier trees to take hold. Not only is it pretty ingenious and great for the environment, but it also leaves these cool little stumps.

Photo KStew
Photo KStew

There are whole patches of these odd little buggers. Sure, these trees are pretty much taking their last trip round the sun, as they'll die off next year, but they're fun to look at. Plus, the area around them is gorgeous. Hiking trails, unreal views, and all just down the road in Orland. It beats waiting in line for Cadillac...

You're welcome to spend the night here if you're rich...

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