Downtown Bangor posted to Facebook yesterday urging patrons to respect the wants and needs of local businesses while the pandemic continues.

The Facebook page is put together as a collective of Downtown Bangor businesses and used to communicate as a whole for the voice of the Downtown Bangor business community. In the post, a picture of a sign taped to a door at Valentine Footwear is asking patrons to please wear a mask.

Adding to the picture, the Downtown Bangor Facebook page added more perspective to the sign to urge the respect of those visiting businesses in the area, pointing out that local businesses are not just a place to shop but also the livelihood of our neighbors:

We are living in an ever shifting landscape and businesses are constantly updating their policies according to best practices and recommendations.
For many small business owners, their business, shop, restaurant, is an extension of their home and as such, each has a different comfort level and set of standards that they ask guests to adhere to.
As the landscape changes again, you will see some businesses asking guests to wear masks. Please remember to be respectful of their requests as individual businesses make their request in their best effort to continue to provide service to their community.
Please check with businesses and keep masks handy for spaces that request you use them.

We've lived with masks before and, even if we got a bit of a reprieve from not having to wear them, they are needed still.

Let's do what is the respectful thing for area businesses who are the representatives and ushers of our local economy. If they want you to wear a mask, please wear a mask.

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