Yesterday was Earth Day, and if that inspired you to think spring cleaning, here’s a project you could get involved with where the public will notice your spring clean up.

Downtown Bangor Beautification Committee has organized a clean up project for Downtown Bangor for this Sunday morning.

Maybe Earth Day inspired to volunteer and do what you can to help. Gather up some friends and meet up in Norumbega Parkway in Downtown Bangor at 9:30 this Sunday morning. Some of the things on the to-do list is taking down winter lights, picking up trash, painting benches and removing any graffiti. You are asked to wear proper footwear and clothes suitable for this work. Plus if you are going to be painting, you’re asked to wear paint clothes. Just in case. Also for any duty you’re going to be doing work gloves are a good idea, and face masks are required.

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If you, your family, your company or organization would like to volunteer at this event you can reach out to or visit the Downtown Bangor page on Facebook.

There are more than 200 volunteers who give time, know how, labor and funding to make Downtown Bangor a more inviting place. In advance, thank you to the Downtown Bangor Beautification Committee and all of the volunteers pitching in and helping out this Sunday morning between 9:30 and Noon. Looks like you’ll be working in the rain, so an extra tip of the cap, or rain hat to you. Thank you.

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