I was in a store the other day and was appalled at the apathy of others around me.

I won’t name the store or the location, because I’m not looking to call out anyone, specifically. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this happen. But this instance really got my dander up.  

Who We Helped.

The store was packed, with lines of people waiting to pay for their stuff. I had just pulled some money from the ATM and was headed toward the registers when I noticed an old man bent over at the waist. He had a small shopping bag in his hand and a hat on his head, and he was obviously grasping for something to keep himself from falling. I glanced up at my fellow shoppers and was shocked to see how many were watching him, but not making a move to help him. This man was very old, quite frail, and he was going down unless someone helped him.  

How We Helped.

I’m not trying to paint myself as a hero, here. I merely did the right thing and moved over next to the man, offering him my arm. He balked because he didn’t want to take me down with him. But I insisted, telling him that I’m pretty sturdy while putting my arm beneath his. This helped him to steady himself enough to stand up. As he tried to take a step, he faltered and reached for something to grab. I held his arm and told him I was going to help him.  

At this point, I became thankful for three things. First, a customer noticed his cane where he had forgotten it at the registers and brought it over to him. (This was huge because he could steady himself) Second, one of the cashiers came over to help, and she and I walked him outside. Third, the nice gentleman who saw what we were doing and held the door for us.  

Why People Should Never Walk Away.

All I could think about, as we walked outside, was my Dad. He’s 91 and in excellent health. But this could very easily have been him. How would I feel if I knew my Dad was in such a vulnerable situation and no one had come to his aid?  

Next time you're tempted to walk away and leave an elderly person in distress, remember that, someday, you will be that elderly person who just needs someone to lend a hand. And you know what they say about karma...  

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