The towns of Veazie and Eddington may get a pre-Fourth of July show this week. Information has gone out through the mail and throughout social media letting people know about a strange site and some strange odors they might come across the week -- specifically a funny smell and a vertical flame shooting up into the sky.

From June 8 to the 10, M&N Operating Company, LLC, which owns the natural gas pipeline that goes from Eddington to Veazie, will be inspecting part of the pipeline. Inspecting and cleaning of the pipeline will require diverting the gas through a flare system which will result in huge, shooting, badass hot flame into the sky along the Penobscot River in Veazie.

M&N Operating Company sent out letters in May to residents near the Veazie location where the flaring will happen. They assure residents that the process will not be a danger to anybody or anybody's property. They did mention that not only will you see this monster pillar of fire near Shore Road in Veazie but you might be able to smell the natural gas odor and a 'rushing' sound. These are normal things that will occur during the operation, as explained in the letter sent out to residents, as shared by the Veazie Community School last week.

The company is performing inspections and maintenance in accordance with regulations by the United State Department of Transportation. Also included in the letter, the Veazie Fire Department will be on hand just in case.

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