The President-elect came to the defense of Linda Bean and L.L. Bean after a boycott of the company was suggested.

Donald Trump and his love of tweets isn't going anywhere. And this time, it's a Maine staple who the President-elect has decided to get behind. You may have heard a couple days ago that a campaign called Grab Your Wallet placed L.L. Bean on their boycott list for  Linda Bean's campaign contributions to Donald Trump. The Portland Press Herald covered the story extensively. This spurred backlash from the company and from Mainers alike. That backlash has clearly reached Donald Trump's desk.

The President-elect got straight to the point, as he often does, with his tweet this morning. And naturally, as with anything Trump does, the responses to his tweet has created an entire new firestorm. The main thesis being, should the President of the United States be supporting specific businesses in a public forum because they donated to his campaign?

Oh, and if you think when Trump tweets about business, it won't garner the same sort of reactions as some of this other tweets? Think again. Within one hour of his tweet, there was already five thousand responses. Incredible.

Get ready for a whole new level of backlash. Tighten up those laces on your bean boots.

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