You know how things happen in threes. Or some say they do.

Three different people I know posted on Facebook either Wednesday or yesterday about their dogs and how they ran away.

One was after a car accident. The dog got spooked I guess and took off. Oh, before I get you worried, all three of these incidents have happy endings. And none are local. The closest one is Southern Maine. Then, there's one in the Southern U.S. , and another in Canada.

Dog #2 got loose and took off into the woods, and remained there for a few days! Finally figured out how to get back home. Who knows what was going thru that dog’s head as he or she is thinking ‘Where am I?’ and ‘How do I get back home where they feed and shelter me?' and "I’ve got a look I can put on my face that makes my human Mom melt and give me anything I want.’

Dog #3 was a friend I haven’t seen in years, and his dog just got loose and he wrote about it on Facebook, and someone in his town saw the dog at a park, and noted so on his Facebook post. The dog just wanted to go to the park. Simple enough

The stories made me think about how much joy a dog gives, and I thought of the Bangor Humane Society.  A friend volunteers there, so I reached out to see how she and the shelter were doing and she mentioned a promotion that is underway, and very beneficial to the Humane Society.

Through the end of the year, Subaru has a program called 'Share the Love' underway. So if you purchase a Subaru at Quirk Subaru, they donate money to the Bangor Humane Society. Nice.

You must have somebody on your Christmas list that is very hard to buy for. Go buy them a car. The homeless or neglected pets in the Bangor area will benefit. And if you really like the person, and they’ve been though a lot in 2020 already, maybe buy them two cars.

All the pets, not just the dogs, will thank you.

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