Have you ever noticed what appears to be a random twig deliberately attached to the side of someone's house and wondered what the heck was going on, it was most likely a weather stick!

They have been trusted for centuries to predict the weather in northern New England and have since spread in popularity across the country. Unofficially (but most likely) the weather sticks were invented in Maine and were first used by the natives to Maine and northeastern Canada.

The stick is made from a Balsam Fir branch usually about 16" long. When attached to a wall with the stick pointing up you will then be able to predict the weather! Well, the difference in air pressures actually. Here's all the science behind it.

When good weather is predicted the stick will point to the sky. When a storm or general bad weather approaches the stick will bend down or point more straight out. Check out some of the Instagram photos we found to see what we mean.

So do you have one?