Netflix has the amazing story of Maine Veteran Travis Mills, who battled back from losing all his arms and legs in Afghanistan, and created a foundation to help other disabled veterans.

'Travis: A Soldier's Story' follows Staff Sergeant Mills from the routine patrol where he put his pack down on an explosive device, to his success in not only reclaiming his life but also helping other injured vets. It's an emotional story that will have you reaching for the tissue box a lot.

And it's not just about his courage, but also his wife's devotion to him. Mills' first words to his wife after the accident were 'Leave me.' He said he didn't want to be a burden to her. But she ignored his words, stuck by him, and supported him through his recovery and rehabilitation. It's a story of love, courage, and the will to regain independence when it's been taken away.

The Travis Mills Foundation works tirelessly to assist other disabled veterans and their families. And Staff Sgt. Mills travels the country, speaking to companies and groups about overcoming life's challenges. Currently, the organization is planning to open the Maine Chance Lodge & Retreat on the Belgrade Lakes to disabled vets and their families, where they can relax, enjoy the Maine outdoors, and find fellowship with others who were injured while serving our country. Find more information on the website for the Travis Mills Foundation. And don't miss 'Travis: A Soldier's Story' on Netflix!

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