Working in radio, for me, is pretty much the greatest job I've ever had. Granted, I've had a LOT of crappy jobs, so the bar is set pretty low. But once in a great while, I see a job that actually makes me jealous, and also makes me want to secretly quit my job.

That said, the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland is hiring! I spied a post on a friend's Facebook page that linked out to a Craigslist ad. How awesome would it be to talk about Bigfoot tracks, and Bigfoot scat (Ew!), and Bigfoot hair samples, all of it!! And really there's so much more to Cryptozoology than just Bigfoot stuff.

From their website:

The International Cryptozoology Museum™ in Portland, Maine, includes exhibits about cryptids (beyond Bigfoot & Nessie). We also feature displays about the finds of “living fossils” and other classic animals of discovery — the successful cryptozoological stories. One of the most famous, of course, is the coelacanth, as featured in the ICM logo. We have a 5.5 ft long, lifesize model of the first one taken off Africa in 1938 in the museum.


But of course, the big star is always Bigfoot. They have many different Sasquatch displays in the museum, which have been feature in many TV shows such as In Search Of, Monster Quest, and Mysteries At The Museum. So there is always the small possibility you might get to smile for the camera. Just remember the camera adds 10 pounds, so wear a slimming outfit.

I love all the different Bigfoot shows on TV. Like Finding Bigfoot and Monster Quest, or just shows featuring all sorts of different cryptid creatures like the Jersey Devil, or the Chupacabra, or the Wendigo.

So I can't stress enough, how incredible it would be to work in an environment where I just talk about strange mythical creatures all day?! I mean, I guess I do in some ways. Famous people are just as mythical and strange, and I talk about them all the time, so...

If you have a passion for this sort of thing, maybe it's time to pack up and head south. Here's the link to the employment section of their website. I want so badly to apply, but that commute would just be way too much for me, and my wife would probably kill me for it.

Since I can only sit around and glue hair to my feet and make casts of them and pretend to be Bigfoot, I'm looking to live vicariously through you, my friend. So go forth and acquire this sweet once-in-a-lifetime employment opportunity for both of us. But mostly for me.


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