According to the City of Bangor website there are 13 defined neighborhoods in Bangor, do you know them all?

The Queen City is divided into the West and East sides by the Kenduskeag Stream. Within these sides you will find numerous neighborhoods with unique features and characteristics. Here are the 13 neighborhoods of Bangor according to

West Side

Fairmount- (Includes Fairmount Park area and Bangor Golf Course)

Fairmount is a very desirable neighborhood with close proximity to places like Bass Park, the golf course and the waterfront. It offers homes of all sizes and styles on quiet streets frequented by joggers and bikers.

Whitney Park Historic District- (West Broadway to Cedar St.)

Here you will find wider streets and mansions built by wealthy lumber barons of Bangor's past. Bangor's most famous resident, Stephen King calls this neighborhood home.

Ohio to Hammond- (Ohio St. to Hammond St. including Hayford Park)

There is plenty to see and do here with everything from the Thomas Hill Standpipe to the Beth Pancoe Pool and Sawyer Arena.

Outer Ohio- (New subdivisions and Brown Woods)

This neighborhood takes you a little further out of the hub of the City but keeps you only minutes away from local shopping. Brown Woods offers walking and recreation trails for all to enjoy.

Main and the First 7 Streets- (Main St to Hammond St. containing First to Seventh St.)

Here you are very close to the casino, the waterfront, and probably get to hear a decent concert without leaving the house. According to BangorLocal as the street numbers get higher the neighborhood quality improves.

Capehart- (Between Union and Ohio St. to Griffin Rd.)

Formerly mainly military housing the neighborhood has had its ups and downs, much of the neighborhood offers HUD housing. This neighborhood has its own divisions between 'new' and 'old'.

East Side

Broadway- (From the bridge to I-95, Up from Downtown)

Consisting of mostly multi family homes and older housing this neighborhood also holds historic John Bapst Memorial High School, Mary Snow School, and St. Joseph's Hospital.

Little City- (President Streets between Kenduskeag and Broadway)

One of the most sought after locations in Bangor this is a very quiet and friendly neighborhood located in the center of the city. U.S. Senator Susan Collins calls Little City home.

Bangor Gardens- (Contained by Broadway and Kenduskeag Ave on the right side of I-95)

According to Bangor Local: "Bangor Gardens was a 1950’s era development that provides comfortable isolation despite it’s central location to the Broadway Shopping district and I-95." It is also very close to Husson University.

Outer Essex- (Essex St. from Stillwater Ave. to Burleigh Rd.)

Containing Bangor High School this is the perfect neighborhood for families with kids as it is close to town but gives a little more privacy and country feel. With many new developments and housing this is a steadily growing neighborhood.

Judson Heights- (Outer Broadway, Prentiss Woods)

Considered the most upscale neighborhood in Bangor, Judson Heights is relatively new homes near recreation area Prentiss Woods. Here you are out of town while still being in the city.

Tree Streets- (Essex St. to Howard St.)

This is one of the older neighborhoods in the city but still popular with families and hospital workers. Here you will find many multi family homes as well as well maintained mansions. This neighborhood is in between both hospitals with easy access to both.

Stillwater Park and Mount Hope- (From EMMC towards Veazie)

The Cohen School separates this neighborhood from the Tree Streets. This is an area of newer homes and businesses. Quiet, close to shopping, and full of parks.

There are also 4 subdivisions in addition to the 13 neighborhoods.

  • Deer Pond
  • Lyons Ledge
  • Rolling Meadows
  • Whispering Meadow

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