Today, October 5th, is National Denim Day. Do you ever have those 'team building' sessions at work where you go around the table at a meeting and each person has to share something that others probably don't know about them. And most of us think, there's a reason people don't know certain things about me....because you don't want them to know. Anyway, I always use the same answer. Something most people don't know about me is that I don't own a pair of blue jeans. I know there's not many of us that don't, but I'm just not a Denim guy. I usually tell the joke about the 'cheap hotel' when I bring up that fact. (If you don't know the joke, it's off color so ask me privately because I'm not going to share it here)

It's also 'Do Something Nice Day'. That should be everyday. So do something nice for someone today.  Like hold the door open for them, when they're half way across the parking lot so they have to run so they don't feel guilty that they've held you up. Do something as simple as smiling as a stranger. Nice.

Also October 5th is the day I started at Q106.5.  First day on the job. Or should I say first half day on the job, since I left early that day.  Seriously. You don't want the big wigs to expect too much, and if you set the precedent early, they don't get their hopes up.  Anyway, thanks for always being so nice to me.  No, not the big wigs!  The listeners!

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