After catching a glimpse of something familiar in the sky over Brewer, I'm wondering if anyone else saw a meteor early this morning?

I was driving to work this morning when I saw something unusual in the sky. It was similar to a shooting star, but looked much closer and brighter. As I was about to turn down the road that goes behind the radio station on Acme Road, I saw it. A bright orb in the sky that fell and then disappeared.

Now, it may have been a shooting star. But I saw something similar in 2014, when a fireball was spotted over the northeast. I thought I was going crazy with that first one because it looked so close to the ground! Space is a funny thing, making some objects look much closer than they actually are.

I checked the American Meteor Society's website this morning and found a report of a fireball over Williamsport, Pennsylvania at 5:05 a.m, moving east from Kentucky. That's pretty close to the time I saw the falling orb in the sky. And the proximity works. In 2016, a fireball sailed over the Northeast and Portland Police got it on video.

So, did you see anything? Tell us on Facebook, in the comments section under the link to this post. I'd love to know I'm not the only one who saw it!

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