Tim McGraw tried to play the song I Called Mama for his wife Faith Hill when he first heard it. And instead of playing the work tape version, he wanted to sit down with his guitar and sing it to Faith. He tried. But he had trouble getting through the whole song. He told Taste of Country His emotions kept taking over and when he would fall apart, Faith would start crying. He says "It has such a simple message to it, but it means so much".

The Grand Ole Opry is in Corona Virus mode. That means that they aren't doing their weekday live shows. But the Saturday Night shows are continuing with no live audience, and only a limited number of techs and musicians on hand. Plus those there are practicing social distancing. This past Saturday, Gwen Stefani debuted at the Opry, playing with boyfriend Blake Shelton. Blake's first time playing the Opry was May 5th, 2001 when he performed his debut single Austin. Saturday he and Gwen sang Nobody But You. And big Blake and Gwen news, they've bought their first home together. It's a $13 million California mansion. Check it out here.

Garth Brooks has a new way to pass time during the pandemic. He's playing Words With Friends.  In a release Garth says "This is going to be stupid fun. I'm probably going to pick some old college buddies, 'cause I graduated with them and know that they can't read or write" But he won't challenge his wife The Queen. "She'd beat my butt every time"

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