No, not Will Smith. We mean the REAL Men in Black.

According to years of sightings and stories, it seems Men in Black are men or possibly even aliens. They have been described as having very pale features and are usually bald. All reports are similar with reports of these men wearing black suits and having little to no expression other than sinister.

They reportedly come to find those who are seeking UFO sightings or those who have already had them. If they find you, they will bully you into giving up your search or destroying all your evidence or data. Could this be why there is still no accepted proof of aliens yet?

One well known documented story of a men in black sighting happened in the Old Orchard area in 1976, and it's still talked about today. According to reports a man named Dr. Herbert Hopkins got a phone call asking about his UFO research. The man on the phone said he was also a UFO researcher and wanted to know if Hopkins was alone.

As the conversation began to wrap up, Hopkins noticed the man on the phone was at his door. Hopkins then claimed that the man, who was bald, with no eyebrows or eyelashes pulled something from his pocket. It was a copper coin. The mysterious man instructed Hopkins to watch the coin. As he did, the coin turned blue, and then began to dissolve until it vanished.

The man then told Hopkins to destroy all of his research and evidence, and then he left. You can read a more detailed story here. So, do you think it's true?

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