Dexter Police are asking for the public's help locating a stolen car and the suspect caught on camera.

Do Police Know the Vehicle's License Plate?

You never know, these days, when someone is watching, even if it's a surveillance camera. On Spring Street in Dexter over the weekend, a vehicle was stolen during the day by a man in dark clothes and sneakers. Both the vehicle and the suspect appear to have been recorded on a camera overlooking the parking lot.

Dexter Police Chief Wintle said in a Facebook post that the vehicle was last seen traveling towards Dover-Foxcroft. It has a Maine breast cancer license plate with the number 415AYT. The pictures suggest there may also be a sticker of some kind next to the plate.

Dexter Police Department via Facebook
Dexter Police Department via Facebook

What Does the Suspect Look Like?

The suspect seen in the picture is a man with dark hair and a mustache. At the time, he was wearing a gray hoodie with CARHARTT printed on one sleeve and was carrying a dark backpack.

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Dexter Police Department via Facebook
Dexter Police Department via Facebook

Who Do We Contact With Information?

Police urge people not to approach the suspect if they see him or the car. Instead, report the location to the Dexter Police Department at 924-7622 and ask for Officer Rodney Mooers or call 911.

This theft comes just after a case in nearby Corinna where a person was caught on camera stealing items from a parked vehicle. At that time, Chief Wintle reminded residents to keep their vehicles locked at all times and secure any valuables contained inside.

We'll update this story when more details become available. 

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