Over the weekend, Maine's Fort Knox was in the spotlight on Travel Channel.

More TV time for haunted Fort Knox in Prospect, Maine. The Travel Channel show, Destination Fear, filmed at the fort back in January. Over the weekend the show aired, finally showing eager fans what the crew found during their overnight investigation.

Among the interviews for the Fort Knox episode were Amanda Curry and Paul Wolfe (this author) of the Bangor-based paranormal investigation group, 207 Paranormal. Our group leads the seasonal Ghost Tours at the fort each year. Leading up to the filming of the show, we helped provide the show's producers with the history of Fort Knox, and our years of paranormal research there.

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I'll break down a couple of pieces of the evidence that the Destination Fear crew captured at Fort Knox. The first piece of evidence was a great EVP (electronic voice phenomena) saying "You're trespassing." This is a regular occurrence at the fort. We believe one of the caretakers of the fort, Ordinance Sergeant Leopold Hegyi, still haunts the grounds. It would have been his job to ensure no one is on the fort grounds, as it was owned by the U.S. Government at the time.

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From time to time during investigations, we hear the sound of his black cavalry boots walking down two-step alley, where Destination Fear caught the EVP. He's also said similar words to us via a SB7 Spirit Box.

Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media
Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media

Hegyi is one of the documented deaths that occurred at the fort. On July 17, 1900, a fisherman had noticed that the flag at the fort had not been raised, a regular duty of Hegyi. Upon investigation, Leopold was found very ill in his small cottage in the parade grounds within the fort. Before a doctor could arrive, Hegyi passed away. He's buried in The Narrows Cemetery in Stockton Springs.

Another piece of evidence captured was a bizarre thermal imaging signature. We told the crew a rare but interesting occurrence at the fort is unexplainable hot spots, captured on our thermal imaging cameras. It's believed spirits can manifest as a cold mass of air, which we can see on a thermal imaging camera. Sometimes we see "hot spots" appearing on camera, before suddenly disappearing.

Destination Fear found a "hot spot" in Battery B. It appeared on a wall for a few moments before suddenly vanishing. At first, we thought perhaps the hot spot was residual heat from the sun beaming through a window. However, the spot was on a wall between two windows where the sun wouldn't directly shine. It's also worth noting that the day the crew filmed it was cloudy. Plus, the granite construction of the fort keeps the fort relatively at a uniform temperature.

You can watch the Destination Fear Fort Knox episode on Travel Channel, and streaming on Discovery +.

If you are interested in investigating Fort Knox for yourself, there are numerous Ghost Tours scheduled in the coming months. During our tours, we will guide participants to the fort's ghostly hot spots, and provide all the ghost hunting equipment. Tickets can be purchased online via the Facebook event pages, or at FortKnoxMaine.com. The tours are limited to only 30 people. Tickets must be purchased in advance. All of the money from ticket sales goes directly to Fort Knox.

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