The Honorable Transfer of Ellsworth Deputy Fire Chief, Robert "Bobby" Dorr took place this morning, beginning at City Hall where he passed by the Fire Station there one last time.

The staff of the Ellsworth Fire Department stood somberly as they awaited fire engines and other emergency vehicles to emerge from Franklin Street where the funeral home is located.  The vehicles, including City and State police cruisers, motorcycles, and fire trucks, quietly crossed Main Street before making their way through the City Hall parking lot and then by Mr. Dorr's brothers and sisters of the Ellsworth Fire Department, who stood at attention and saluted.

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The motorcade procession then turned right onto Church Street before making it's way to State Street and then up Route 1A to Bangor.

Mr. Dorr had been a member of the Ellsworth Fire Department since 2009, and was also an instructor with the Hancock County Fire Academy.

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