I should have known. On Wednesdays, we wear pink, and nobody was wearing pink today.

Today's events took an unexpected turn for me as I found myself caught in a puzzling time loop that I had to do some deep research and self-reflection to even try and explain. 

When I woke up this morning, I had the intense conviction that it was Wednesday, despite all of us knowing that it was actually Tuesday. 

Embarrassingly, it wasn’t until a listener reached out via the Q106.5 app to inform me that it was, in fact, not Wednesday. Seriously, it felt like a case of déjà vu, but somehow different.

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To shed light on this phenomenon, I delved into some research and uncovered various terms used to describe similar experiences beyond déjà vu itself. One such term is déjà éprouvé, which refers to the feeling of having already experienced a certain situation. Another term, déjà senti, describes the sensation of having the same thought or feeling in similar circumstances as if it had occurred at a previous point in time.

Interestingly, déjà senti is associated with temporal lobe epilepsy, specifically related to memory. It manifests as a sense of already having felt a particular touch or knowing in advance what someone is going to say or do. This mental phenomenon often arises due to flashback memories or triggers such as a familiar voice evoking long-forgotten memories. It's intriguing to note that even the emergence of memory during a dream's beginning or end can give rise to this fictitious mental state.

It’s possible that I had dreamed about an entire day.

Additionally, we had Juneteenth at the beginning of the week, and that may have contributed to my temporal confusion. Although it didn't directly impact my schedule, it's plausible that the disruption threw me off by a day.

I’m grasping at straws here.

In the interest of transparency, it’s very possible that I might be deflecting to make my flub-up seem more profound than it was—a flub-up.

But for now, the Wednesday-that-wasn't will remain etched in my memory. To be honest, I'm worried that this has set me up for failure for the rest of the week.

Let's just skip right to Friday, is that cool?

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