Here's an open letter to Todd Simcox about the desire for sun, both for Cindy's Hula Dancer and also because Wednesday is the Spring Tour for the Thomas Hill Standpipe!

Dear friend Todd,

We know, intellectually, that you don't 'make' the weather. You are merely the messenger, bringing news - both good and bad - about what we can expect from Mother Nature. But still, I wanted to put out a plea that maybe we could have some sunshine for Wednesday afternoon. Maybe?

My solar hula dancer is missing the sun that makes her dance! And Wednesday is the Spring Tour at the Thomas Hill Standpipe! From 3 to 6, everyone's invited to climb the 100 steps to the top of the Standpipe, and we'd like to give them some dry weather with a little sun. So, can you put in a good word for us? We'd really appreciate it!


Cindy Campbell and her Hula Dancer Doll

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