So let's be real...this may take more than a day. And it may take a strong stomach to ingest all the heavy, creamy goodness. But if someone just randomly said to me, that we were gonna hit the road for a couple days, and eat pretty much nothing but ice cream....I'd be there like a heart attack!

I mean, we've all done a pub crawl or such type thing, so why not ice cream? There's so many different kinds to sample. Hard ice cream, soft serve, loaded flavors, bizarro flavors, you name's likely been thrown in ice cream. I've watched enough episodes of Iron Chef to know that ice cream can be the right, or wrong, answer to an meal. Like, I would probably have no interest in a savory ice cream. Like Chicken Soup flavor? No way!!!

But this trip will bring you from nearly the top of Maine, pretty much right to the bottom. Just check out this map! And maybe scope this article from as well. It explains things very vividly.

Photo via Google Maps
Photo via Google Maps

You can start anywhere you want, but the OCD inside of me would require that I start at either the top or the bottom. So I'd either have to go Houlton to Ogunquit, or vice-versa. I couldn't just start at Butterfield's and go side to side, nope. I've been to a few of these spots on this map, and the ones I have been to are absolutely stellar.

So pack the kids, pack the Lactaid tablets, and hit the highway. I'm curious how many ice creams you could eat before you had to stop and rest. Could you hit all them? If so, you may be the ultimate consumer of ice cream! Hope you can live up to such an illustrious title!

By the way, here's how you get rid of an ice cream headache....this will definitely come in handy on this trip!

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