Dakota the Husky, who has been ordered euthanized for attacking a neighbor's two dogs, may get trained as a sled dog.

It's been a roller coaster journey for Dakota and both his former and current owners, as well as the owners of the dogs that were attacked. The 4-year-old Husky was ordered euthanized after a couple of incidents that happened about a year apart. Dakota attacked a neighbor's dog in May of 2016 and the owner was told to keep him contained. But about a year later, the Husky got out again, attacking and injuring the same neighbor's new dog.

He was turned over to a shelter where he was adopted by a new owner who had no idea about the controversy. That owner says Dakota never showed aggression and had been a great pet.So it was a shock to the owner when she found out the dog had a court date. At that hearing, the judge ordered that the Husky should be euthanized and the owner filed an appeal. Governor LePage even got involved n the issue, pardoning the dog in hopes of saving his life.

Now, District Attorney Maeghan Maloney has filed a motion to have Dakota sent to a training school in New Hampshire, where he'd learn to work as a sled dog. While some see it as a way to save the dog's life, his current owner isn't happy with the measure. She told the Kennebec Journal that she'd rather be allowed to defend Dakota in court, in hopes of keeping him with her.

The court can reject the motion but, if it's approved, another hearing will be scheduled.

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