Looking for a family event that will be fun for all ages next weekend?

Saturday is the Ice Harvest Event at 19th Century Curran Village, located at 372 Fields Pond Road in Orrington.

The event runs from 10 AM until 3 PM Saturday Feb 5th. It was originally scheduled for Saturday the 29th of January.

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And it’s a free event, although donations are welcome.

There is a reason it’s called 19th century. This event involves cutting ice with traditional tools and equipment and then storing it in an ice house.

The ice cutting is done using a 1919 Novo Ice Saw. Old school.

But that’s just one of the many things to do that will remind all of the past.

The museum itself has new things to see too. There are 14 newly added buildings to the museum village. The village stretches over the Orrington and Holden border.

And it’ll be a wintery day, and there will be hot food and drink for a fee.

Just a look at the warm farmhouse kitchen will bring a smile to your face.

Listen to traditional bluegrass music as you view arts demonstrations and so much more.

How about draft horse and sled rides for $5?

Visit the Sugar Shack, the Carpenters shop and the Blacksmith shop too.  Also on Saturday, the Curran Village will be holding a separate blacksmithing event.  Details here.

And you’re invited to bring your snowshoes and explore for yourself.

Winter in Maine, and this is one of the events the family can do to enjoy the season. Maybe learn something from the past too next Saturday. And if the event is something you might like to volunteer to help out at, call 205-4849.

Their slogan is “Using History’s Lessons for Today’s Challenges” 19th Century Curran Village is a nonprofit educational resource.

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