Bob Duchesne grabbed his video camera and chronicled the 30th Anniversary of his creation - the Q-106.5 Pine Tree Camp Egg Ride!

I have great respect for Bob Duchesne, who was the first voice on Q-106.5 30 years ago, and built it up to a powerhouse in its very first year. He's one of the most creative people I've ever known, and has a silly side that fits well with motivating people through fun.

That's exactly what he did 30 years ago when he first got involved with the Pine Tree Camp Ride-in. It's challenging to motivate people to just donate money to any kind of charity run, walk, or ride. So somewhere in that silly streak of Bob's, he decided people would donate more if he promised to put raw eggs in his snowsuit and get all messy. And it worked!

My first ride, I think I had 18 eggs but this year, I had considerably more! The event has grown year after year, and the total amounts raised each year always amaze us. We have the best listeners in the world, who come out year after year to fill our suits with eggs. And we love it!

Thanks to Bob for bringing his camera this year and telling the story of the ride. And for adding his own commentary on how much messier it is now than when he first created it. Ever wondered how messy we get? Check it out!