Don’t mess with our dessert.

Moma’s Cheesecake Bakery in Ellsworth got their delivery of over 500 pounds of cream cheese yesterday.

There are 8 ounces in a package of cream cheese that you’ll find in the dairy case at the grocery store. There are 16 ounces in a pound. So that’s two packages. Five hundred pounds would be a thousand packages. Yes, that’s a lot of cream cheese

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If you’ve never had Momo’s Cheesecake it is 'dangerously' good. One could crave a slice daily, or more often. And lots often do.

Courtesy Momos
Courtesy Momos

Momo’s is on Main Street in Ellsworth, and unique in that their store is self-serve. Pick out your cheesecake, leave the cash in a tin can on the counter.

And it is good.

All of us heard about ‘supply chains’ slowing down in the past few months, and shortages of some supplies and products. Maybe you heard about the shortage of cream cheese in December and didn’t give it much thought.

If you’re buying cream cheese you’re buying it by the package or two.  Not by the truckload.

Momo’s uses about 300 pounds of cream cheese weekly.

They ran out in late December, having to buy it like we buy cream cheese, by the package at the grocery store.

Then a week ago, they ran out of options and couldn’t sell individual slices.,


Momo is Brenda Ledezma.  Or Brenda is Momo. She thanked the community for understanding, even making jokes about their waistlines needing to take a break.

But a week is long enough.

They got over 500 pounds of cream cheese delivered yesterday and are working hard right now to get everything back to normal.

Aah, all is right with the world and if not, a slice of Momo’s will be there for you.

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