Enough of the Candy talk, and Flowers talk, and spending a whole lot of time in the card aisle at the store trying to figure out which Valentine’s card to select. It doesn’t take long to go from looking for the perfect card that says what you’re trying to say to just settling for any card will do.

Hint, just buy a blank card and write a couple of sentences from your heart.  You both with be better for it.

Time for some adult Valentine’s Day talk. Wait a minute. Here’s 5 options, pick the one you think most Mainers want for Valentine’s Day.  At least the adults. Will it be,

  • 1) Words of Affirmation,
  • 2) Quality Time spent together,
  • 3) Receiving gifts,
  • 4) acts of service or
  • 5) physical touch.

The romance experts call these The Language of Love.

The number one answer is Quality Time. Here’s the link to the survey. Quality time wins in 15 of the 50 United States.


Back to the chocolates and candies and cards and flowers. In a survey about what not to buy those items all made the Top 5.  No wonder we’re so confused.  Can’t win for losing. If you didn’t have bad luck, you’d have no luck at all. And don’t start with the items on the list like fuzzy handcuffs, or lingerie, or a love coupon book. Or heaven forbid, you serenading them.

Quality time it is. There’s nowhere to go. We shouldn’t have friends over. We're wearing masks and socially distancing, so let’s spend some quality time together doing …

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