It can't be easy being part of Roman Atwood's world. In previous videos, the comedian has turned the first floor of his house into a ball pit and toilet papered Howie Mandel's entire house. But, this time around, he targets his grandma on her birthday and has her arrested by the police!

It's a good thing Atwood's grandmother has a strong heart. He gives her a ride in his sporty car, something she says she's always wanted. But, as most young men will do, he drives very fast and even does some donuts while she hangs on for dear life.

Then the fun starts when he asks her to get behind the wheel so he can take a picture, and the police pull up. They're pretty gentle with her, not really patting her down, and avoiding handcuffs. But scary would this be?

Hang on til the end of the video, though. Grandma is no slouch and gets her own revenge on Roman!

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