I love events that have to do with vehicles. Not sure why, because I've never really thought of myself as a car guy specifically. But if there's classic cars, or monster trucks, or whatnot, I love a chance to go get up close and look at them. Maybe it's my innate desire to just touch things that I've only seen pictures of. Who knows?

But on August 4th, there's a whole new level of getting up close and personal as Maine Fly-In is hosting Wings On the Waterfront in Dexter! They're having about a half dozen planes fly into town, and will be parked right on the shore of Lake Wassookeag for people to come check out and get right next to and see what planes look like up close. When I was a kid, I definitely would've flipped right out over this type of thing, being able to look inside and see how they ran. In fact, my adult excitement is nothing to sneeze at!

Jim Crane, a farmer/pilot out of Dexter, was at a similar gathering last fall in Old Orchard Beach called Wings and Wishes. All the proceeds from that event went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and well over 8,000 people attended the event and over $15,000 was raised. Crane is hoping to achieve a similar goal on a slightly smaller level. There is no admission charge to see the planes, but there will be donation collection sites for people to give what they can.

Crane felt that the real success of the other event was that folks got to see planes touch down and park in places not usually used by planes, according to the event page on Facebook. In this case, they hope to land in a nearby field and taxi down to the waterfront from there. What a sight that will be!

This will undoubtedly be a great time for the whole family, particularly for the kids. I mean, if you enjoy watching your young ones flip out with excitement at the chance to get right up next to plane and see the inside, after watching it land and taxi down the road, that is. So, get on down there and enjoy yourself! Maybe they'll even fly you home after.



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