Remember that really weird time when we were all locked indoors? I can’t tell if it feels like it was yesterday or 12 years ago.

The pandemic was a screwed-up time but some positive things came from it. I personally loved the lack of expectations and being able to just rot in your house without being expected to leave or be productive or do anything, really.

I missed going out to eat during the lockdown but restaurants kicked their to-go methods into full gear and kept slinging their food through all the trials and tribulations. One fun part of this was being able to get cocktails with your takeout.

Cocktails To Go in Maine

The first time I got cocktails to go during the pandemic was from Rivlaries in Falmouth and they came in convenient and nice reusable bottles, which I thought was really neat.

Sure, you probably had liquor at home, but nothing beats a cocktail from a restaurant; I’m definitely not muddling mint at home.

The cocktail-to-go method was originally put in place to boost sales during the pandemic since restaurants were losing a lot of business. When you go out to eat, alcohol rings up that tab quite a bit and local places were losing that necessary push.

While restaurants are back up and running and some are even doing better than ever, you are still able to get cocktails with your takeout at some establishments. We’ve been wondering when this will die out but it sounds like cocktails on the run are going to be a permanent thing here in Maine.

Cocktails To-Go Bill in Maine

As shared by WABI, Cocktails-To-Go has gotten final approval from the Maine Legislature and the bill is now just waiting for Gov. Janet Mills’ signature.

We know how Mama Mills feels about supporting local businesses, so I’m sure that signature will be signed soon.

Maine will be one of 18 states that have enacted laws to keep cocktails to go as a permanent thing, which I think is a great thing. While I don’t personally grab cocktails to go to anymore, it’s a great perk for both the restaurants and their patrons who just want to comfortably chill at home with a good drink from their favorite spot.

Before I let you go, let’s make one thing clear: these cocktails on the go are for enjoying at your HOME, they are NOT road sodas! Okay? Okay.

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