A 911 call to the Coast Guard that prompted a fruitless search last month off MDI was from a woman who says she was feeling cold and uncomfortable.

The emergency call was placed early on the morning of November 16th from Charlotte Kirby, who was one of three passengers on a sailboat named the Dove. Kirby told the dispatcher that they were on a boat, and then the line went dead. Coast Guard officials traced the origin of the call to the waters off MDI and began a search, thinking the vessel was in trouble. But, after two days of scouring the area, from the water and from the air, no sign of the ship could be found.

Coast Guard officials now say the ship's GPS subscription service had run out in the middle of the emergency call, and that's why the line went dead. It was reactivated by a family member, according to WGME-TV, and the ship was located off the coast of Long Island. Once they determined the boat was in good condition, Coast Guard officials asked Kirby about the Maine 911 call. She told them she had been feeling very cold and uncomfortable, and didn't think she'd ever feel warm again. She said she was seasick, but eventually began to feel better.

The crew's troubles weren't over, however. By the time they got to the waters off Virginia, a mast broke, prompting another emergency call. The crew donned life jackets before being pulled onto the deck of a passing cargo ship, the Jaguar Max. The sailboat was left at sea as the ship returned the group to shore.

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