I'm sure if you are on social media at all these days, you may have seen these nasty, vile things come floating across your news feed. I just saw them recently myself, and I kinda threw up in my mouth a little.

I've been seeing these candy canes in the most uninviting flavors....such as clam, mac & cheese, gravy, and pickles....and even rotisserie chicken! Yup. You read every single one of those correctly. They are candy canes. (insert sickly retching sounds here)

Photo: Accoutrements - Archie McPhee via Amazon

I guess it's nothing really new. Jelly Belly jelly beans have been making gross flavors for years. And I mean, some really gross flavors. Like snot and farts. I really don't know what kind of research goes into figuring out what a fart tastes like, but I'm glad I was not a part of it.

Photo: Archie McPhee via Amazon

And if you're wondering where you can even buy such revolting delights? Right on Amazon! You can have them delivered right to your door. Which I find appealing, because who wants to be the person who goes out to buy Clam-dy Canes?

But it's Christmas. And almost everyone loves a good gag-gift. And this would really top the list. And honestly, they're not even that expensive. So if you want that fun, last minute thing, these just might be the ticket. But I tell you, if you get some, and eat a whole one, I want to see video!!!