The city of Bangor is using a friendly competition, pitting neighborhoods against each other, to build unity of community.

The contest is called 'Innovative Neighborhoods,' and challenges residents to come together as a community to enact improvements. The city is divided up by school districts, creating a neighborhood team for each one. Teams will need to come up with two improvement ideas, one for their own neighborhood, and the other for the city.

In a time when so many of us are isolated from our neighbors, opting to depend on social media for our community interaction, this contest hopes to get people talking to others who live nearby. Plus, it will give residents the opportunity to express their desires for change. Suggestions could vary from the simple, like adding a flashing red light at a dangerous intersection, to something bigger like a community center.

The details of the program can be found on the city of Bangor's website, while an ongoing discussion and updates will be posted on the Innovative Neighborhoods Facebook page.

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