Yesterday, while on Facebook doing my coast-to-coast Birthday greetings to friends I never get to see anymore, a box popped up in the newsfeed

From the City of Bangor, a message that their internal phone system has been scheduled for maintenance, March 29th between 8 a.m. and 11 am.

That’s today. So if you have to call, City Hall Take note.

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The message went on to say intermittent phone connectivity during this time might happen and they appreciate our patience and understanding as they work to upgrade their services to the public.

But it got me thinking. Who makes phone calls any more?

If I was the receptionist at Bangor City Hall, I’d look at the number on the caller I.D. Not recognize it. And therefore not answer it.

Unknown equals ignore.

Anyone curious how many actual phone calls are actually made to City Hall. Bet it is nothing like the old days.

Can we text City Hall instead?

And why not do the maintenance at a less busy time, like off hours or weekends. For the simple answer to that, see the statement above about ‘who calls anyone anymore’

Actually rumor has it that the City of Bangor might actually round up old not used land line telephones and use them to fill pot holes around the city before they pave over them.  Actually not a bad use of old phones. What else you going to do with them?

How would you like to be the receptionist today at Bangor City Hall between 8 am and 11 am and the phones are being upgraded? That is a long time between calls, when calls are your job.

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