Portland Police have had a busy few days, dealing with some bizarre single-vehicle traffic mishaps, involving stairs and railroad tracks.

Driver 1 Was Just Trying to Get In All Her Steps for the Day

The first incident happened, oddly enough, at the Portland Police station. According to a post on the department's Facebook page, a 26-year-old woman was driving through the police parking garage, when she took a wrong turn. After traveling across the pedestrian plaza, the woman attempted to drive down a narrow staircase to the street.

When police asked her what prompted her to go down the stairs, the woman responded that she was simply following her GPS. Officers on the scene said it allegedly had more to do with her blood alcohol level and issued a summons for operating under the influence. The good news is that she didn't hit anyone, no one was hurt, and the property damage was minimal.

Nope, That Large Bump You Felt Wasn't Another Pothole

In the second incident, an out-of-state driver got lost, while traveling in the Congress Street area. Somehow, he ended up off the road and on a set of railroad tracks. The man told police he didn't realize he was driving onto the tracks until it was too late.

Police say alcohol was not a factor in this crash, just a lack of knowledge of the area. No one was hurt although we're guessing there was some damage to the vehicle, by the time they got it off the tracks. While at first, it seems unlikely that he didn't know that he was driving onto the railroad tracks, we have to remember that this is Maine. Feeling a large bump under your tires is not unusual at all.

Stay safe out there. Tourist season has arrived.

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