A burglary suspect who was caught on surveillance video in Downtown Camden is the daughter of a couple famous in the ballet world.

Talicia Martins, 21, and Jacob Flanagan, 20, have been charged in connection with burglaries at three Camden businesses. Police had released downtown surveillance video of the pair taken during a crime spree that included break-ins at Camden Cone, the Smoothie Shack, and Francine Bistro.

According to the BDN, Martins is the daughter of two key members of the New York City Ballet Company. Her mother is Darci Kistler, who served as the principal dancer for nearly 30 years before her retirement,and her father is Danish choreographer Peter Martins, who is the master and chief of the ballet company. She's considered a New York socialite, having been featured in magazines as a debutante, and having even contributed an article to Teen Vogue.

Martins is charged with burglary and felony left. Flanagan is charged with three counts of burglary, three counts of felony theft, and criminal trespassing. Both suspects are out on bail. Police say drugs and alcohol were involved in the crimes.

The New York Post reports Martin had another brush with the law in June. She was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and heroin in her parents' posh New York City apartment building. Flanagan is a resident of Manhattan who is a frequent summer visitor to Camden.

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