That’s where the bid was at when I bid yesterday afternoon after hearing what the Holden Police Department has done.  They have gotten their hands on an autographed jersey from the Boston Bruins, and they are auctioning the item on eBay.  And it sure looks like every player on the team autographed the item.  Nothing like the Bruins logo and the Holden Police crest blends in beautifully too.

So why is the Holden Police Department auctioning off items on eBay? In this case, Every dollar raised will be donated to Camp CaPella in Dedham. What a great example of community.

But wai,t there’s more. Holden Police Department has also received a collection of other Boston Bruins’ items and is holding an in-person raffle. Drop by the police department, and buy a raffle ticket. Those are only $1, and that money will be donated to the Travis Mills Foundation in Manchester, Maine.

Here are some of the items you could own for that $1 donation.

  • An autographed puck
  • A framed autographed photo
  • 4 Bruins drink holders
  • a Bruin's beach towel
  • a Bruins yard sign
  • a Bruins bottle opener
  • Bruins stickers
  • two autographed photos from NESN host Dale Arnold and former Bruin Barry Pederson
  • a Maine Mariners ball cap (the Bruins ECHL team)

All these items are brand new, with tags on them. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars of Bruins collectibles.

Chief Chris Greeley, Holden PD was asked why does a Police department do this

“As the dad of a prep-school hockey player and a life-long Bruins fan, I thought it might be fun to raffle-off items from my own collection, which include autographs from former players and one current player, in addition to some other brand-new Bruins' 'swag.' I thought it would be a fun way to help raise money for them”

And to be able to own one of the very best looking jerseys in the entire NHL

“ I decided to contact the Bruins directly, and they responded, by sending me this brand new jersey”

That’s the one I’m going to win on eBay.

And Chris has another incentive to go and help out two great Maine charities.

“Every person who enters the Holden PD, gets a free bottle of hand-sanitizer... “

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