Representative Bruce Poliquin was among a group of lawmakers that was on an Amtrak train when it struck a garbage truck.

The accident happened Wednesday near Charlottesville, Virginia, where an Amtrak train carrying lawmakers to a legislative policy retreat in West Virginia hit a garbage truck. According to the Washington Post, one person was killed and six others injured in the crash, one critically. Officials say the deceased was a passenger in the garbage truck that was struck by the train.

Representative Poliquin's staff posted on his Facebook page that he was shaken up but not seriously injured. Amtrak says that no members of Congress or their staff members on the train were hurt in the accident. Poliquin says he's very concerned for those affected by the accident and their families.

The train was carrying about 450 people when the accident happened just before 11:30 Wednesday morning in Crozet, Virginia. Amtrak is now working with the National Transportation Safety Board, local law enforcement, and others to investigate the cause of the crash.


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