Cyr Bus Lines usually transports high school sports teams to their road games.

On Thursday, the Brewer School Department announced they have a solution to the shortage of school bus drivers.

They are adding the driving duties to the team coaches list of "things to do."

For the record Cyr Bus Lines does have a listing on its website for bus driver openings.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

Driving kids to games is nothing new for lots of coaches, although one can imagine the benefit of a team bus, with a driver. That allows the team coach to sit in the first-row seat, and contemplate the upcoming game.

Q106.5 Morning Show had a few examples of bus driver shortage stories this week.  A school system in Delaware is paying parents a yearly fee to drive their kids to and from school each day. This is to cover the shortage of bus drivers, and to shave the budget for that expense.

Having played hockey as a youth and teen, we had many occasions of out-of-town games and tournaments without a bus to ride.  It was pile into the station wagon, and form a caravan of Dad’s and Mom’s driving a carload of noisy kids.

A buddy played minor pro hockey a few years back and they had the equipment manager or trainer that also had to drive the bus, and those are long trips in the middle of the night after they’d already worked all day and evening.

Best to Brewer Schools and the other districts that will follow suit. Drive safely, we’re all counting on you.

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