While school districts across the state of Maine are starting a new school year dealing with how to continue in-person learning during a pandemic, Brewer schools have launched a program for remote learning.

This program is being offered for students in 7th - 12th grade.

The program works in 2-week mods where students are assigned a course of work that they complete during the duration of the two weeks. There are few meeting times and the student has the choice when to do their work as long as they continue to maintain their grades.

This program was initiated due to some students in the district excelling during last school year's remote learning offering and is geared towards those students that can work more independently.

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This is the first year for this remote learning program but there is consideration of offering this program from Brewer's school system to other school districts across the State of Maine as an alternative to the traditional in-person learning method.

In order to be considered in the program, students and parents had to fill out an application, submit transcripts, and offer references. The information is reviewed then a determination is made whether the student would benefit from the program based on the materials submitted.

Students in the remote learning program are offered in-person learning options for certain subjects, if they choose, as well as participation in school sports and extracurricular activities.

This program, though just initiated, may hold a vision for the future of education for Maine's young learners.

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