Brewer Police have not located a man who allegedly broke into a new bar and grill in the North Brewer Shopping Center.

CORRECTION: We need to correct the status of this case. Brewer Police tell us the suspect has not, as yet, been located.

Kat and Company Bar and Grill is a newly opened business, in the former location of Cityside Restaurant and Jasper's Bar. The owners have done extensive renovations to the building and had just recently opened when they realized someone had broken into the business.

I spoke with one of the owners, who told me the only damage was to an event room in the back of the business. Ceiling tiles were removed, where the man allegedly went up into the ceiling. Kat Markwith said nothing was taken, but she believes he was planning on returning with the intention to steal. Another one of the owners saw the man on video as he was allegedly rigging the lock on the door.

The man, who Kat said was allegedly living in a vacant part of the mini-mall, had been in the building at 5:00 Saturday morning looking around while carrying her husband's drill. He then allegedly returned just before 10:00 and ran through their suspended ceiling, causing the damage.

Photo courtesy of Kat Markwith
Photo courtesy of Kat Markwith

"Luckily for us," Kat said, "the room he damaged is currently under construction and is not in use."

Kat and Company Bar and Grill is still open, despite the break-in.

Brewer Police tell us the suspect has not been located.

We'll update this story as more details become available.

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