Maine experienced quite an uptick in motor/pedestrian accidents in 2019. For that matter, we're barely two weeks into 2020 and we had a terrible accident with someone being hit by a car just a couple days ago. The obvious question is, why is this happening? And the follow up question is, what's being done about it?

Both the Bangor and Brewer Police Dept. have decided to answer that second question head-on. Each announced on their Facebook page, that they'll be giving away free reflective arm bands for pedestrians, to help with their visibility to motorists. With the sunset, and peak commute time happening simultaneously, it's a much needed solution.

It's gonna be a few months before we start having daylight during our evenings again, so it would be wise to take advantage of this if you need it. You can stop by either police department during their normal business hours and pick up a couple armbands. It may seem kinda cheesy at first, but it seriously could save your life.


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