We were joking last week on the Q106.5 Morning Show that stores were bringing out the Halloween costumes.  Bringing out the candy this early doesn't seem to be a problem.  But here comes Halloween, 3 months before it's actually here.  And with it, a movement that hopes to change the celebration of Halloween to the last Saturday of October.  Here's the petition that'll go to President Trump if you want to join the 100 thousand who've already signed.

The writers of the petition say that Trick or Treating is safer on the weekend, and will lead to fewer Halloween related injuries.  Maybe, maybe not.  But it does sound more convenient to have it on a weekend instead of a school night.  Less stress for sure.

Happy Halloween, 3 months early.  Wonder if the bag of candy I bought will last....  Til August.

Preparations For Halloween Continue As Weekend Festivities Approach



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